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Admission are close for the Academic year 2020/21 for Grade 1 , 8, 9 ,10

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Dear Parents, Registration for school bus Transportation for the academic year 2020-2021 is open kindly reserve your seats before April 15




The objective of education at GAFL is not just to inform, but also to empower and transfer. With this philosophy at its core, teachers guide children to make the transition from ‘dependent’ to ‘independent’ by providing them with practical and common sense approaches. This approach acts as a catalyst for gaining confidence, learning to achieve greater academic, career and personal success and turning dreams into reality in a secure, stimulating and multi-cultural environment.

Every student is provided with the opportunity to unlock and exhibit his or her hidden talent and creativity though a curriculum that proffers a balanced blend of academics and co-curricular activities.

A team of well-experienced teachers motivate students to open up to adventures, challenge themselves and seek means to emerge winners.

At GAFL one can see a paradigm shift from ‘Future Ready’ individuals, who focus on target to ‘Life Ready’ individuals, possessing well- honed skill sets to manage situations on a daily basis, by engaging themselves in a plethora of authentic and relevant activities and experiences.

Students are assigned with leadership roles which provide the perfect setting to shift from mere competition to contributing concretely to the growth of our dynamic society. In the process they learn to recognize and acknowledge diverse cultures, develop tolerance, create their own identity and tread on the road to building a strong nation and play an active and responsible part as global citizens.

Ultimately our vision is to build a sturdy foundation ‘brick by brick’ on which every child can stand firmly and navigate the route to excellence with confidence, courage and conviction.