Is Homeschooling Better Than School Education?

Education at school or education at home – Which one would you choose for your child? This is a question that parents have been trying to find an answer to since decades. As many as 2 million students in America are being educated at home today. And, more and...

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Should You Share Your Child’s Issues With Others?

Every child has his own unique set of problems and issues regarding his learning and attention. Some children are more attentive and faster learners as compared to others. This does not mean that if your child is a slow grasper or inattentive, it is something you must be ashamed...

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The Role Of Technology In Today’s Education

Today’s generation is growing up in a digital world. Right from the time they start to understand and perceive, they start using smartphones, tablets and laptops. For every school-goer, using digital devices is a huge part of their everyday experience after school. Instead of referring their books, guides, and...

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How To Manage Time Your Child Spends On Gadgets?

As we all know, it’s the world of media, technology and gadgets. Everyone big and small is addicted to some or the other form of media and gadget – it may be television, laptop, smartphone, tablet or video games. In fact, it has been seen that as adults, we...

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Tips For Being A Good Parent

Being a parent is a complicated, difficult and challenging job, especially in today’s times where the world is all about gadgets, social media, technology and negativity. Parenting is when you can walk over the fine line between being your children’s best friend and a guide who inculcates values and...

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How To Teach Children Digital Citizenship?

The time when you as adults could control your children and protect them from the harm of social media and gadgets is long gone. Today, gadgets and social media are as important as food to kids. Just as much as we find food important for our children, they find...

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How To Manage A Class Effectively?

How many teachers have we seen who cannot manage a class and keep the children under control? How many stubborn children have we seen who refuse to follow any kind of instructions given to them? There are many. In both the cases, it is the fault of the teacher...

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Why Is Counseling Important For Children?

How well do you know your child? How well do you know whether he is progressing in school or not? All you do is believe what the teachers have to say. But, how many of you have taken the time to properly monitor your child’s performance? With so much...

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How To Instill Good Study Habits In Your Child?

Every parent is worried about his child not studying and competing with the others at school. But have you ever looked into what is it that doesn’t let him study or what it is that is not helping him remember what he is taught? Obviously there is no magic...

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