Class Room

The class room is a carefully prepared environment that encourages children to learn individually at their own pace. Children possess a unique ability to absorb information from their environment. This is why we have prepared a learning environment with a wealth of concrete, manipulative learning materials that encourage the child to discover and learn throughout this phase of their life. Our teachers are trained to absorb each child and help him/her be in touch with things they are most interested in learning about and this results in joy, immense satisfaction and excitement about the process of learning.

Safety and Hygiene

We ensure the best in safety & hygiene for each child at our facilities through:

  • Regular training & grooming of our support staff.
  • Periodic audits of our facilities.
  • Appreciation & regular work towards keeping our surroundings clean
It’s foremost at our school to always keep safety & hygiene first for each child. We are not only a green school but also follow some unique consistent practices to ensure a clean, spacious, open & warm environment for learning. This perhaps is reflected right from the entry gate where each entrant’s hands are sanitised before one enters the preschool premise. The environment at a GAFL Preschool has an integrated and large open space, productive atmosphere with impetus on hygiene, bright ambience, lighting & ventilation. Classrooms, garden, creative studio, child size washrooms are equipped with sanitizers & designed with added importance to safety. All the facilities are audited every month for best upkeep. The audit results in combination with the feedback from parents become the action points for each of our facilities.

We go beyond regular practices & have a unique training & grooming module for all support staff. This module focuses on regular periodic checks, must practice dos & dont’s, correct usage of hygiene and safety accessories & behaviourial skills. We emphasize on appreciating and protecting the environment through the principles of the 3 R’s, Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. These principles and practices are integral to each class, right from segregating waste and re-cycling bio-degradable waste through Vermicompost with the aim of inculcating the habit of protecting our environment.Within such a secured environment, responsibility, social and intellectual development spontaneously flourishes with an appreciation towards keeping our surroundings clean.

School policies


  • Entry Into School- 9.00 a.m
  • Exit From School 12.30-12.40 p.m.
  • Please don’t deny us the pleasure of that first welcome hug for your child when he/she comes in or the exit adieus.stick to the time given and help
  • Set a good routine for your child to follow
  • Respect school guidelines


School provides two sets of the school uniform, in case you require more sets, the order can be placed with our school tailor.

The GAFL School Kit

Each student’s labelled kit/bag should contain the following items

  • The child Identity Card (mandatory requirement)
  • The child folder for notices
  • Labelled water bottle
  • labelled breakfast box (if your child is bringing food from home)

Leave and absence policies

  • Please refrain from taking leave during the academic session, as it disrupts the teaching learning process, the academic calendar states the events and holidays, please abide by them.
  • The school will not be responsible in making up for the lost time, if leave is availed of, despite the permission not being granted.
  • Should there be a requirement for leave based on medical grounds; a doctor’s certificate shall have to be sent to the Principal, before the child rejoins school.
  • Parents are not allowed to take their children home during school hours.
  • A leave note (in prescribed format) must be sent to the class teacher and Principal in case a leave from school is required.
  • Should parents avail of more than 10 days of leave from school despite the Principal’s advice, the child’s name will be struck off the school rolls.

GAFL information web

  • All communication from school will be put up on the notice board of Parent Portal.
  • Specific class related notices will be put into the child folder carried in the kit every day. Emergency messages will be sent via sms.
  • In case you have received any emergency communication from school please pass it on at least five more parents and help us spread the message quickly.
  • All other class related information will be uploaded onto Parent portal for your reference.

Fee policies

  • Fees once paid are not refundable
  • Transport fees are not included in the tuition fee and are over and above the given fee structure
  • A fee of Rs 500/-would be levied if a cheque is not honoured.
  • In case of a mid-term withdrawal, the entire year’s fees must be remitted to the school.
  • Withdrawal policy :- Should a parent like to withdraw his ward from GAFL, the following rules are to be followed: 


    • a) Notify the Principal in the prescribed format (to be displayed on the web site.)
    • b) Obtain the No-Dues certificate from the school before any academic documents and records of the students are returned.

Parent identity card

The school will issue an identity card to all parents. They are to carry this card with them for  


  • a) Entry into school
  • b) Parking at school
  • c) Picking up a child from school/bus stop
In the absence of this identity card, the above mentioned will strictly not be permitted.


Transport policies

  • The transport fee will be paid in two instalments .
  • Bus fees are subject to revision (payable in 2 instalments for entire year).
  • A late fee of Rs.25 per day (in cash) shall have to be remitted to school
  • All students using the school bus are expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before the arrival time of the bus. The bus will not wait for late comers.
  • Bus routes are very tightly scheduled in order to get the children and teachers to school on time. The buses WILL NOT wait for late comers either at the stop or at school, in the afternoon.
  • Bus timings/routes may periodically change to help students reach faster/accommodate new students.
  • The buses cannot provide door-to-door service, as this would entail students to spend an inordinate time commuting to and from school.
  • Each bus is equipped with a phone.
  • Change of bus stop for a day or week will not be entertained.
  • Matrons on the bus shall have the authority to allocate seats to the children.
  • Bus stops once designated will not be changed. If you need a change of bus route/stop, do get in touch with the Transport Coordinator. If the bus stop is on an existing route, the change can be made. If the detour of the bus causes inconvenience to the route, the change will not be possible.
  • There will be no deviations made in the route once set. If there is a change in the address kindly use the closest bus stop.
  • If a parent needs to pick his/her ward who is using the transport facility, please send in a request to the transport department for Kinder Garten by 11:30am and for Grade 1 and above by 2:30pm. No request will be entertained then after.
  • If you would like your child to return home on his/her own from the bus stop, a written letter should be given to the Transport Coordinator.

Absence of Parents/ Guardian at the bus stop

  • The Policy of the school is to bring back the children to school in case there is no parent/guardian to collect the child at the drop point at the given time.
  • The bus will wait at the bus stop for two minutes and the driver will also call the parents to intimate arrival, but if there is no response the child would be brought back to school. The parents will then have to collect the child from the school.
  • All parents/guardian are required to produce the parents ID card at the time of collecting the child from the bus at the designated bus stop.
  • Matrons will not drop or pick up children from the door step. Children will be dropped at the designated bus stops.

Mid Term

  • Deviations and changes in route are subject to the availability of buses and seats.
  • No refunds are applicable even if the facility is discontinued mid term.
  • Any specific remarks, suggestions or complaints should be brought to the notice of the Transport department.

Weekly Meeting Time

  • Parents can meet with the Principal, Coordinator and teachers on specific days of the week.
  • Please refer to the child Directory for the details
  • At school all meeting with parents are considered as events of joy and sharing as the teachers and parents can exchange notes about the one thing that binds them & the children.
  • These Parent teacher meeting held thrice (on Saturdays) and the dates for these are specified in the year plan.
  • Parents are requested to come at their given time slot and discuss the progress of their child.
  • The Report Card given is to be signed and returned to the class teacher by Monday.


School provides two sets of the school uniform , in case you require more sets, the order can be placed with our school The tailor can be contacted at Shoes, socks winter wear and Belts (boys) will be available on request at school.
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