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Admission are close for the Academic year 2020/21 for Grade 1 , 8, 9 ,10

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Dear Parents, Registration for school bus Transportation for the academic year 2020-2021 is open kindly reserve your seats before April 15




The GAFL curriculum extends far beyond books and boundaries to nurture the child’s interests. It aims to lay the foundation for the child’s education, encourages them to develop their interests, assess opportunities and fuels their curiosity with an invigorating education system.

Pre-Primary phase

As the children embark on their educational journey, the early years are of vital importance as it lays the foundation for future academic and social success.

In this phase when the child absorbs everything from the environment around him/her, GAFL encourages inquiry based and experiential learning in a friendly, happy and safe set up using a unique combination of Play way and Montessori method. The classrooms are colourful, welcoming and well equipped for children to safely explore materials and engage in opportunities that include music, art, science, math, block play, sand, water, language and dramatic play. The broad range of activities, carefully designed by the teachers, including interactive, motor, listening and sensory experiences embraces the idea that ‘all children can learn’. It allows the child’s mind to wander free, explore and link though to action.

The circle time activities foster vocabulary building, communication skills and promote social interaction and cultural exchange.

The Pre-primary phase focusses on positive growth and helps the child to be LIFE READY.

Primary School

While transitioning to the next phase the focus is on developing all round skills, confidence, creative thinking and the essence of team work. Children are exposed to a diverse range of curricular as well as extra- curricular activities that nurture every aspect of academic and personality development.

Apart from reading, writing, music, dance, literary activities and sports [one hour of sports everyday], children are trained in the art of self defence too.

Students are assigned ‘Houses’ to assist in team building and excellence and instill a sense of belonging, responsibility and ownership .

To ensure that classroom education connects with the real world, one day field trips and educational tours are organized to help cement the fledgling hard and soft skills.

Middle & High School

In the final phase of development, the curriculum is carefully balanced between the increasing academic content and co-curricular activities to ensure a rounded education while embodying the best values of society.

There are greater opportunities for self learning as the academic programme get more streamlined to ensure that the teaching practices reach the agreed upon learning targets. While imbibing GAFL’s key growth areas that span from logic and debate, to social and spiritual development, this period of intense personal growth is supported by the continuous engagement of highly-trained teachers in complete partnership with the parents to recognise and mentor the children individually bases on their strength and skill set.

Students are encouraged to participate in state and national level activities, competitions and Olympiads to upgrade their learning.

The GAFL team grooms young minds to pursue their individual interests with self confidence and hone skills that will boost their decision making abilities and make them leaders of tomorrow.