Is Homeschooling Better Than School Education?

Education at school or education at home – Which one would you choose for your child? This is a question that parents have been trying to find an answer to since decades. As many as 2 million students in America are being educated at home today. And, more and more American and African families are joining this segment every year. Slowly and steadily, this debate has also captured Indian minds and people are looking for ways to educate their children at home. But, like many other questions about a student’s education, this decision is not easy. A lot many factors need to be considered before deciding upon whether you want school education or homeschooling for your child.

Academic quality

Every parent wants to give their child the richest kind of education that they were devoid of when they were kids. Teachers are trained and taught to juggle and balance between the educational needs of a large group of students and their wide range of abilities. At school, kids are taught a variety of things apart from education, like art, gym, music and more. They are practically taught to perform experiments that explain the theories they learn. Skilled teachers are present to guide them. Conversely, at home, all these additional exercises are limited – at times due to lack of parent’s experience or the lack of equipment.

Individual attention

Schools have a large group of students in a single class handled by only one teacher. There are many parents who believe that large classes are not the ideal way to educate children. Even if the teachers wish, they cannot pay individual attention to every child in class. While, in case of homeschooling, every attention is paid to the child – his wants, his needs, his psychology, his learning ability, etc. Homeschooling helps to match educational plans to the individual learning styles and interests of the children.

Religious and moral values

There are a lot of children coming to school – all who come from different backgrounds. Some follow a different religion, some a different lifestyle, and some belong to a different class. Parents are worried when they see their kids getting too deeply attached to children who bring about negative attributes within their child. This could be taking them away from religious and values, or involving them with drugs or bullying, etc. Parents feel that homeschooling will help them have complete control over their child’s mind so that he does not get into the wrong kind of friendship.


Although children are kept away from wrong company, homeschooling does not let children meet even the noble ones. This hinders them from opening up in front of new people and new situations. Such children are not as active as those in school. And, we all know how important socializing is in today’s world. Going to school will have your child facing different personalities, and eventually he will learn how to deal with different people differently.

Family bonding

While some may say that homeschooling helps the family stay together all the time, others may say that they need some time away from family members. Homeschooling helps the family to stick together and strengthen their bonds so that family values are reinforced. Older siblings are always there to help the younger ones in academics as well as other training regarding chores and character development. But at times, it is important for parents and kids to take a break from one another. Staying away for a few hours while the kids are away at school increases the happiness they feel for each other when they meet again. After all, everyone needs their space and some time away from one another.

The perfect setup

A school has the perfect structure and setup for children of all ages. The classrooms of toddlers are all bright and jolly to help them enjoy their time at school. The classrooms of children in higher grades are designed to help them concentrate and be in a learning environment. Moreover, schools give children the opportunity to use additional amenities like libraries, sports clubs and other extra-curricular activities. Besides, schools are rigid towards following timetables, which help children get more organized. The little ones learn to eat lunch, switch subjects, and pack up to go home on their own, without having to depend on their family for everything, thus encouraging independence and confidence.

As you see, both schools and homeschooling have their own pros and cons. So, it is for you to decide what you are to opt for your children. If you wish to let go of your child and help him become more independent, active and confident, sending him to school is the best option. Don’t have your child feel that he is missing out on a normal childhood experience. Send him to school to connect with new friends and situations. And, don’t worry about his moral values and respectful behaviour as the staff at GAFL, one of the best schools in Kengeri, put in all efforts to work upon every child – not only academically, but ethically too.

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