Why Kids With Learning And Attention Issues Have Self-Control Issues?

Self-control is an attribute that helps keep one’s behaviour, emotions and desires in check and under control. It helps us make the right decisions after intellectual thinking. Self-control is what stops us from interrupting while two people are speaking, reacting rudely in difficult situations, or blurting out blankly without thinking.

Different kids have different tendencies of controlling themselves. Some kids are very patient and satisfied, while others are completely self-indulgent. However, this being the case with normal kids, when we speak about kids who have learning and attention issues, it is very rare to see them with self-control. There are lots of efforts that need to be put in to handle and treat such kids.

Kids who cannot control themselves get very difficult to fit in situations and also to make friends. In fact, not being able to control actions can turn even general situations into awkward moments. And in case of kids with learning and attention issues, problems can increase even further.

You must understand that kids with learning and attention issues have a difficult time controlling their actions and thoughts, and they aren’t being reckless on purpose. It’s just that they haven’t developed the impulse-controlling skills yet, as other kids have. So, you need to keep working on them and putting in your best efforts to deal with them; the older kids will get, the better they will be able to understand and perform.

Practicing self-controlling coaching with these kids will help them get more patient and serene. They will learn how to wait for things they want without throwing tantrums; they will learn how to manage their anger and frustration without outbursts; they will learn how they should avoid behaviour that hurts others; and a lot more.

There are three main types of self-controlling issues – impulse controlling, movement controlling and emotion controlling, which can each have an impact on your child’s social abilities in various ways.

  • Impulse control issues include interrupting in other’s conversations, talk excessively, and speaking when they shouldn’t.
  • Emotional control issues include becoming easily frustrated, having outbursts or tantrums when not needed, being unable to tolerate criticisms, and quickly giving up.
  • Movement control issues include being overly active or restless, having trouble sitting quietly, disrupting conversations, and fidgeting all the time.

If your child has any of these qualities, he is definitely going to have a difficult time being at school. It will get very tough for him to sit quietly in class and pay attention during the lectures. Thus, it gets difficult for them to fit in properly in learning environments. You need to pay attention and take immediate steps to solve these issues.

Such kids also need caring and loving teachers who are patient dealing with children at school. One such school is GAFL, the best CBSE school in Bangalore, who has been well-known for its staff and management for delivering the best results to the parents by teaching and treating their kids the best.

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